Geraldine Kemper about new love: ‘He makes corona fun’

When Art steps over the threshold, he immediately comes across a number of special works of art – including a unique portrait of Geraldine herself. Although the presenter is extremely proud of her collection, she is eager to show Art the smart solution for her television. An idea from her ex, with whom she would originally move into the apartment. But that shouldn’t be the case …

“I laugh about it now, but that was really shit”, says the Dutch face Big Brother open a booklet. “We had a relationship for 5.5 years, so this was a house of ours together. It really sucks, but it is also good that you are alone … and do it alone. And when that passes, the heartbreak, then there is also room for something else. ”

Better said, someone else. The presenter reveals at the kitchen table that there is a new man in her life: Freek, whom she met through a friend last March. “I am really very much in love. I also really enjoy saying this out loud,” she says, blushing. “There is something in the air, but you don’t say it all the time. Because you also think: I have to wait until the moment you really feel ‘this is it’. But I am very much in love (…) that actually makes corona, the whole lockdown, quite fun. “


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