Gerard Joling has completely lost the thread in I Can See Your Voice

Melvin already knows exactly what he will do with the money. His mother-in-law has been conned and he wants to donate some of the money to her. But for that he must first know how to distinguish the nightingales from the false crows.

The first round is all about the first impression. Gerard has his suspicions about candidate 3, but he is not entirely sure. “I let myself be surprised. It’s a unique program, with a crappy panel”, the singer jokes. Melvin ultimately has to make the choice and opts for candidate 3, against the advice of the panel members. This turns out to be the wrong choice, because she can sing very well. In fact, she starred in the musical as a child Annie.

In the next round, the candidates have to perform by means of a lip sync. Based on this, Melvin decides that candidate 4 may leave the game and therefore cannot sing. And that turns out to be completely correct. Because he can dance very well, but is not to be heard vocally.

Geer, Melvin and the panel are then heard two voices in a video. One of the participants is candidate number 5. After listening to her voice, Gerard has completely lost the thread. “What was the question?” he asks Melvin. When asked again if number 5 can sing, he yells, “What do I care?”

Ultimately, two candidates have to leave. First up is candidate number 1. She cannot sing according to Melvin and that is also evident when she puts on her voice. Number 2 is the second candidate. Dragqueen Legalicious can certainly put on a good voice, which Fred van Leer has been thinking all along.

Candidates 5 and 6 are thus left. One of these must also be removed and the final remaining candidate must sing a duet with Gerard. Candidate 5 must leave the game before the end. And that’s a good thing, because she can sing anything but well. That means that candidate 6, Green Guy, has to show whether he can sing in a duet with Gerard. Can he sing, then Melvin wins 5000 euros. If not, Green Guy wins the money. Fortunately for Melvin, Green Guy can sing well and so the Gerard Joling fan goes home with the intended amount.

I Can See Your Voice can be seen every Thursday evening at 8.30 pm on RTL 4.


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