German astronaut shows photos from his spacewalk

German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer has released fascinating photos of his spacewalk.

Update April 6, 2022:

The German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer has published impressive photos of his spacewalk here on Facebook and especially here on Flickr.

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Live stream: German astronaut is on a spacewalk on March 23, 2022

German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer does


(23.3.2022) his first spacewalk. Shortly before 1.50 p.m. our time, Maurer left the International Space Station ISS. Maurer is not alone outside the ISS, but NASA astronaut Raja Chari also left the space station on this occasion. Chari leads the field operation.

Matthew Maurer.

Live stream here since 12:30 p.m

You can follow Maurer’s spacewalk in real time via the following live stream from NASA:

The live stream is expected to last 8 hours. You can easily tell the two astronauts apart in the broadcast: Maurer’s spacesuit is all white, Chari’s is white with red stripes. Alternatively, you can also watch the live stream via the following links:

Follow the ESA live stream here from 12.30 p.m

Follow the NASA live stream from 12:30 p.m. here

The Bartolomeo science platform outside the Columbus module.


The Bartolomeo science platform outside the Columbus module.


That’s what the spacewalk is for

Maurer and Chari will do a variety of work on their spacewalk (designated US EVA 80), as ESA explains here : “This includes installing tubing on a radiant valve module that helps regulate the space station’s system temperatures, replacing a external camera on the station’s traverse and the installation of a power and data cable at the Bartolomeo science platform outside ESA’s Columbus module.” Maurer’s colleagues joked that Maurer should take his passport with him because he would be trekking all over the space station.

Both astronauts are said to be in space for around 6.5 hours!

Here, DLR explains these excursions by astronauts into space, which are trivializingly described as walks. Here you will find an overview of all spacewalks by astronauts and cosmonauts.

Matthew Maurer

Maurer has been on the ISS since November 11, 2021. He is scheduled to return to Earth with Elon Musk’s SpaceX Crew Dragon in the second half of April 2022. So without Russian help…

Video: German astronaut Matthias Maurer reaches ISS

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