German auto market 2020: Tesla sells 56 percent more, otherwise all except Fiat in the red

2020 was an electric car year in Germany – this was already shown by the total registration figures for this segment, which the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) published this week, because the sale of battery-only vehicles increased by a good 200 percent. On Friday, the authority also published the registration figures for the individual manufacturers on the German market in December and 2020 as a whole. And this shows that with Tesla only one of them was able to increase its sales noticeably.

56 percent more new Tesla registrations

In December 2020, according to the new KBA figures, 311,394 cars were registered, around 9.9 percent more than a year earlier. So the market has recovered. In the annual balance sheet, however, the coronavirus slump is still clearly noticeable from spring: The total number of new registrations in 2020 fell by 19.1 percent to 2.9 million vehicles.

This figure includes 194,136 all-electric cars, which corresponds to a record share of 6.7 percent in all of 2020. In the last month of the year alone, 43,671 vehicles from Tesla and other e-providers are said to have been sold. At 14 percent, this meant an even higher market share than in the previous record month of November 2020.

With the exception of Tesla, which does not offer anything else, the current KBA figures do not yet reveal how other manufacturers’ German electric car sales have developed; this data is usually published a few days later. At Tesla, however, an increase in new registrations of 55.9 percent can be seen in 2020 as a whole. A total of 16,694 Model 3, Model S and Model X were new on German roads, only in December there were 3545 units, 214 percent more than a year ago. At the same time, Tesla set its previous monthly record (3,065 new registrations in September 2020).

VW in front in electric cars, overall in the red

It is also already clear that the electric car pioneer was the only manufacturer that was able to significantly increase its German sales in the Corona year 2020: All the others lost in some cases significantly double-digit percentages, above all Smart with minus 67.3 percent. Suzuki was also very weak with 44.8 percent fewer new registrations. Otherwise, only Fiat managed to achieve a minimal increase of 0.2 percent.

The largest decrease (21.3 percent) among German car brands was recorded by Volkswagen in 2020. In view of the size relationships that still prevail at the brand, sales of the newly developed VW ID.3 electric car from September onwards were obviously not enough to improve the overall picture. However, the KBA has already announced that Volkswagen, together with e-Up and e-Golf, sold far more electric cars in Germany than Tesla last year, and Renault with the Zoe model was well ahead of the pioneer.


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