German corona patient recovered after treatment with Remdesivir

  • Remdesivir is a medicine that was originally developed for Ebola. But recently there has also been evidence of positive effects of the drug in a Covid 19 disease.
  • Jenny Fischer from Saxony is one of the Covid 19 sufferers in Germany who was treated with the drug because of a difficult course.
  • After more than two weeks in the intensive care unit of the university hospital in Dresden, she has now overcome her infection.

Remdesivir is one of the great hopes for the treatment of Covid-19. So far, the drug, which was originally developed against Ebola, has not been approved as a drug in any country in the world – but at the beginning of May, the United States granted an exemption for the limited use of the drug. In Germany, too, the drug is now accessible within a drug hardship program.

Here, too, doctors are now beginning to test the use of the drug in people with Covid 19. A clinical study from the United States had indicated that the administration of the drug can shorten recovery by several days.

One of the corona sufferers in Germany who was given the medication because of her severe course is 53-year-old Jenny Fischer. She received treatment with remdesivir at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden. Now she has survived the infection. Your recovery is considered a great success.

The patient needed mechanical ventilation for one week

“I put myself in the hands of the people here at the university hospital because I knew that the only way I could survive,” said Jenny Fischer shortly before her release, according to a press release. The nurse from the Saxon town of Niesky spent a good two weeks in the intensive care unit of the clinic for anaesthesiology and intensive therapy. Her condition when she arrived at the hospital was so bad that she needed mechanical ventilation for seven days.

“I would never have believed that the corona virus would make someone like me who had no health problems so seriously ill. Before moving to Dresden, I was terrified of death due to my breathing problems, ”said Fischer. They have no understanding for people who do not want to protect themselves from the virus or downplay the disease.

The CT image of her lungs showed that the inflammatory response to the virus affected more than half of the organ. Fischer will have to do regular breathing exercises in a rehabilitation clinic in the coming weeks to fully recover.

Treatment with Remdesivir is completely new territory for Dresden University Hospital

The intensive care unit of the clinic in Dresden is known for its special procedures for the treatment of lung diseases. A center for differentiated lung support was established here years ago. However, the experts have never used Remdesivir in a Covid 19 disease before. “With the first administration of the antiviral agent, we were able to enter new territory with a clear conscience,” said Thea Koch, director of the Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy.

Because she and her colleagues are well networked with other medical professionals from all over the world, they were able to get the drug at very short notice. Treatment with the medication – in addition to an ordered abdominal positioning therapy and mechanical ventilation – then led to an improvement in the woman’s state of health within a very short time.

Remdesivir is still pending market approval in the EU. But this could change soon. Guido Rasi, director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), said at a hearing in the EU Parliament in Brussels that the drug may be granted a “conditional market approval” in the coming days.


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