German football league resumes despite 10 infestations at 36 clubs

According to the Reuters news agency, the German government has given the green light for the reopening of shops and the organization of sports competitions. This would restart the country’s national football league, the Bundesliga, on May 15.

These are chilly times for football fans now that our national football league has been standing still for almost two months. However, the chances are very high that we will soon see football on TV again. For example, the German government would give the green light for the restart of the Bundesliga.

The first day since the corona crisis was scheduled to take place on the weekend of May 15. The matches are played under strict conditions. So the chance is almost non-existent that we will see fans in the stadiums. In addition, it is being investigated whether it is possible to play matches with a mouth mask.

Effective approach

Last week Germany took a first step towards easing the corona measures. For example, churches, museums and hijackers reopened and work in the car factories was resumed. Germany seems to be a few steps ahead of its neighbors, although this should come as no surprise.

Unlike other European countries, the German virus strategy is catching on. Per 100 carriers, about 74 new people are infected with Covid-19. This puts Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government on schedule and no additional measures would be needed.

10 infections at 36 clubs

On Wednesday, the German states will officially pronounce on the restart of the Bundesliga, although there is little doubt about that. For example, all German clubs would have resumed training. The 9 games that were still on the calendar would therefore be completed unanimously.

However, last week the fate of the German football season looked completely different. The Bundesliga conducted 1,724 tests at 36 different clubs. Ten of them tested positive for the coronavirus. Three of those infections were diagnosed at FC Cologne, the club of fellow countrymen Sebastiaan Bornauw and Birger Verstraten.


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