German Minister Jens Spahn: The CDU climber is counted

There is also a need for clarification because of the approximately two million unused vaccination doses from the manufacturer AstraZeneca, which many people apparently do not want to accept. ZNumerous people entitled to vaccinations did not appear at appointments nationwide. That is why there are increasing voices calling for a new vaccination sequence. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) struck in the Picture on sunday proposed to release hundreds of thousands of unused doses from the depots of the federal states for vaccination for everyone.

Spahn himself cannot be held responsible for everything, so the allocation and organization of vaccination appointments is a matter for the federal states – as is disease protection in general. There are also problems that do not necessarily have to bring down a minister, but they seem all the more difficult when he is incidentally attracts attention negatively with private stories.

Dinner with CDU donors

Of the mirror recently revealed that Spahn had attended a dinner with entrepreneurs in Leipzig before his own positive Corona test result. An appointment with twelve people in an area at a low incidence with distance and masking observance. But at a time when the government and he face the people Celebrating and socializing have warned. Since donations for his federal election campaign should be collected at the appointment, the dinner gets an additional bad taste in the aftertaste.

Another private episode, which also hit the media, is a little further back: The purchase of a luxury villa in the summer of the pandemic, which raised the question of how Spahn could afford it with his ministerial salary. And which led back to the small savings bank in his hometown, on whose board of directors he sat from 2009 to 2015. She had given Spahn and his husband Daniel Funke two loans to buy a house.

The purchase of an apartment in Berlin-Schöneberg also raised questions because the owner is the manager of a company that was responsible for one of the major projects of the Ministry of Health before the pandemic. “There is no connection,” said spokesman Hanno Kautz to German media. Spahn bought it in 2017 before he became a minister.

Research on journalists

The real estate stories could certainly be dismissed as “private affairs” had it not been known that Spahn was trying to prevent reports about them. And have information collected through researching media representatives. Again Daily mirror reported, this emerges from a letter from his lawyers to the Schöneberg District Court in December 2020, which the newspaper has received. “A federal minister should respect and respect the freedom of the press and the task of the press to report critically,” said the federal chairwoman of the German Union of Journalists, Tina Groll.

Spahn himself denies the research. His client does not conduct any “investigations”, but only makes use of his right, “which third parties and for what reason” have inspected the land register, he quotes Daily mirror his lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser.

For Spahn, the criticized entanglements of work and private life come at an inopportune time. Elections will take place in autumn and the 40-year-old has long been considered a “bearer of hope”, even though he had to struggle with the label “too young”. That of the cheeky “ambitious” who stood out by criticizing Angela Merkel at the height of the refugee crisis at the party congress talked about a ban on one-two, he had filed in her cabinet after his move. Instead of warning about “import imams” and “cultural security”, he concentrated on digitizing the health care system or promised a minimum wage for nursing care.

The fact that he was only third in the race for the CDU chairmanship in 2018 did not hurt him. But on the contrary. He emerged as the winner of the three-way battle, and was later even traded for the post of defense minister. The chancellor found words of praise for him internally (“He’s doing a great job”) as well as in front of journalists at her summer press conference 2019, where she caused a laugh. “I work very well with Jens Spahn, he removes a lot,” she explained. What Merkel currently has to say about him is not yet known.


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