German registrations until September 2020: 2nd Tesla record in a row, all others in the red

Almost as expected, Tesla reported the new record number of 139,300 deliveries worldwide for the third quarter of 2020 a few days ago – and in Germany, too, more Model 3, Model S and Model X were sold this September than ever before in a month. Overall, according to new figures from the Kraftbundesamt (KBA), the German auto market was firmer than a year ago, and some brands achieved double-digit percentage growth in a month-on-month comparison. However, Tesla is the only manufacturer that has also been positive in Germany throughout 2020 – and that by a considerable margin.

Annual plus at Tesla 25 percent

In September 2020, according to the KBA 3065 electric cars from Tesla were newly registered in Germany. This is the second record in a row, because in August the Tesla approvals exceeded the previous record of March 2019 for the launch of the Model 3. The increase over September 2019 was now 82.7 percent, and in the first nine months of 2020 combined, Tesla sold 24.5 percent more cars in Germany than in the same period in 2019.

With all other manufacturers, however, there is a minus that ranges from 3.6 percent for Subaru to 78.5 percent for smart. The four big German brands also lost at least 16.6 percent compared to the first three quarters of 2019, especially Volkswagen with 26.3 percent. Compared to September versus September, VW managed at least a slight increase of 1.6 percent, similar to BMW and Mercedes. Audi stands out with a plus of 42.4 percent – half as much growth as at Tesla.

Renault Zoe in front of Tesla Model 3

Overall, cars with a rechargeable drive battery were once again above average in demand. According to KBA, registrations of purely electric cars increased by 260 percent compared to September 2019 to 21,188 units; the number of new plug-in hybrids even increased by 463 percent to 20,127. The authority did not calculate it this time, but the proportion of electric cars among the German new registrations reached 6.6 percent, another 0.2 percentage points more than in August. Plug-in cars came to 6.3 percent after 6.8 percent.

It was not initially possible to determine which electric car was most in demand in Germany in September 2020 – the KBA only publishes the breakdown by model after the monthly figures per brand. It is already certain that the Renault Zoe was sold more often than the Tesla Model 3, because the manufacturer itself announced 3600 registrations this September, more than Tesla in total. A bestseller candidate would also be the VW ID.3, deliveries of which have just started. In Norway, significantly more of these were registered in September than the Tesla Model 3.


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