German student makes fun of the media: invented early news about Bitcoin purchase at Tesla

Tesla has opened the next chapter in the book of its unconventional approaches with the announcement that it has bought Bitcoin worth $ 1.5 billion this year – and no one really doubts that this idea also goes back to CEO Elon Musk. At the end of December 2020, he seemed to be making fun of the first in a long line of cryptocurrencies, but it is now clear that his subsequent question about possible billion-dollar transactions in Bitcoin had a serious background. Shortly on Tuesday, a member of the Reddit forum caused a stir who had already reported a Bitcoin bulk purchase by Tesla at the beginning of January – but that was probably just a joke by a German student under the influence of drugs.

German student plays Tesla Insider

The Reddit message from the then completely new member u / TSLAinsider was discovered on Tuesday and then initially mainly picked up by English-language publications through to the financial services Reuters and Bloomberg. It also fitted in all too well with current events. He was a software developer at Tesla in California, wrote the alleged insider on January 2, and could report that the company had bought 24,701 bitcoins at an average price of 33,142 dollars in the past 72 hours with the help of a bot.

The message initially found almost no response and was deleted from the Tesla area, in which it was initially set. In the Bitcoin corner on Reddit, however, she stopped, and on Tuesday / u / TLSAinsider added: “I told you so,” was only the third Reddit message from the member in capital letters. In the new environment, this drew attention to the post from early January, and reports on it began.

At some point in between there must have been changes to it, because on Wednesday the Reddit message about the Bitcoin purchase from Tesla was much less detailed than in a previously saved version. The spicy thing about it was the time mentioned: 72 hours before January 2 would have meant that Tesla started buying crypto in the old year. According to information in the 10K report, the internal investment guidelines were only adopted and approved in January.

But as it turned out on Wednesday night, the whole thing was just a joke behind which a German political student was hiding. This was first reported by the New York Post, which had contacted him on Reddit, and then u / TSLAinsider itself in the forum, and even in German: “How I trolled the international press today”, was the clear heading of the new post.

Fun news about Bitcoin under the influence of LSD

U / TSLAinsider wrote that he had already forgotten his report from the beginning of January until he saw the many articles about it on Tuesday. “My troll post really landed in the entire international finance press, LMAO,” he said, amused. For explanation, the alleged Tesla insider referred to the article in the New York Post. According to their report, he provided a screenshot of his computer as evidence, on which he is logged into the Reddit account u / TSLAinsider.

In any case, the story he told the US newspaper is no less plausible than the original Reddit message. He only gave his name as Hendrik and said he was 24 years old and was studying political science. After CEO Musk’s Twitter inquiry in December, he somehow had the feeling that Tesla would buy Bitcoin and therefore wrote his “troll post”. He finds the media around the world reporting on it both funny and scary. An interesting detail of his story: Before the Reddit campaign he took LSD with his girlfriend, Hendrik reported according to the New York Post.

So the media around the world simply took a German student in a silly mood on the glue. In the Zoom conversation with the newspaper, Hendrik also appeared a little serious. He said he was not otherwise active on Reddit, but had been investing in Bitcoin for years. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency is part of the technology for the future, and Tesla’s new commitment opens the door to it for other companies as well – “after all, they all want to be like Elon”.


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