German Tesla factory: Delivery stop for Model Y Performance

According to user reports, Tesla is stopping deliveries of the Model Y Performance at its German factory in Grünheide. There is talk of safety-related defects.

Tesla Mag reports that Tesla is canceling the delivery of Tesla Model Y Performance vehicles at the Tesla factory in Grünheide at short notice. Tesla Mag refers to postings in the “Forum of Tesla Drivers and Friends”.

In this forum, a user writes that the delivery of the Model Y Performance has been stopped: “The reason is a safety-related defect, which, according to initial findings, can probably not be remedied with a software update.” Another forum user responded to this posting as follows: “I’m there too. get a call The vehicle is in the delivery center and cannot be delivered due to a significant defect in the drive unit. Delivery will be postponed indefinitely!”. Other users agree, for whom the delivery date was also canceled.

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Apparently, Tesla is informing the affected customers by phone call of the postponement of the delivery date. Some say that the delivery has been postponed indefinitely, some say July 2023, and some of the Tesla app also mentions a delivery date between August and October 2022.

Tesla does not give the exact reason for the delivery stop, but it seems to be a problem with the “Drive Unit”. Tesla Mag suspects that there could be a specific problem with the electric motor installed in the rear. That’s why there had already been a recall in China.

It is currently unclear whether the Model Y Long Range is also affected by the delivery stop. So far, however, there is no evidence of this.

German Teslas from Grünheide: owners complain about defects

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