German Teslas from Grünheide: owners complain about defects

The first Tesla Model Y from the German Gigafactory in Grünheide are now with their customers. Immediately there are the first complaints about processing defects.

According to Teslamag, the first 30 Tesla Model Ys handed over to the owners at the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide were of impeccable quality. Presumably, these vehicles were selected and improved with particular care, because it would have been too embarrassing if, under the eyes of Elon Musk and Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a new owner would point out lousy gaps.

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But the “honeymoon” is already over, so to speak, the gray everyday delivery routine has begun: The first recipients of a Model Y made in Germany complain about quality defects. So

an owner about clearly recognizable different gap dimensions in his vehicle.

Another owner complained on Facebook about the many small scratches on the paintwork. In this case, the floor mats had apparently also been handed over quite dirty.

According to Teslamag, Elon Musk advised some time ago never to buy vehicles while a factory is ramping up – a curious piece of advice that doesn’t necessarily motivate customers to buy.

Often criticism of the quality of Teslas

Manufacturing defects in Tesla vehicles have long been a frequently voiced point of criticism: Criticism of Tesla Model 3 – problems with paint, glass and electronics. Teslas can even lose their bumper or roof while driving:

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On the other hand, other car manufacturers also deliver new cars with significant problems. The latest example of this is the Volkswagen group: risk of fire – VW is recalling vehicles and a new Golf burned out.

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