Germany will test the induction route

A project led by Eurovia and ElectrReon will enable energy supplier EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG to test a road project allowing electric vehicles to be recharged by induction starting next year.

First of all, a 100-meter pilot section will be tested at the EnBW training center, near the city of Karlsruhe, and put into service at the start of 2021. Subsequently, a portion of 600 meters will be added on the road between the city and the supplier’s center. The Karlsruhe municipal electric buses will use this section for their recharging, in order to allow a greater evaluation of this technology.

It is developed by ElectReon, an Israeli company specializing in roads offering recharging. The company believes that its technologies would optimize travel times, eliminate the worry over the range of electric vehicles, reduce the size of batteries, and avoid the construction of some charging stations.

Eurovia now wants to offer ElectReon solutions in its offers, to develop these charging technologies while driving. The firm specializing in electric roads has already deployed them in Sweden and Tel Aviv. The partnership with Eurovia will then make it possible to cede the management of the recharging platforms, present along these roads, to the construction giant. For its part, ElectReon will be responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of its induction technologies.


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