Gert Verhulst and family say goodbye to father Jos

‘As you taught us, every day should be a party! We are entering 2021 with you in our hearts’, they post with a photo of the family and father Jos in the hospital, with a glass of champagne.

‘Sleep tight, father’, the businessman also writes on social media with a photo of his father. Viktor, Gert’s son, has also posted a message on social media. “I’d love to see you,” were the last words he said to his grandfather. ‘We have only made great memories together. I can’t be grateful enough for that, ”he continues. Sister Marie also remembers her grandfather: ‘My favorite Jos. Sleep tight.’

The family receives a lot of support on Instagram. One of them belongs to Gert’s colleague James Cooke. He participated in the program Gert Late Night. ‘Handsome man. Always an adventure, always a smile, ‘he writes. ‘He’s in you. Always ready for a joke and so proud of his brood, just like you. ‘

Earlier, the Studio 100 boss in Hey everyone opened a booklet about his father’s illness and said that he nearly succumbed to the corona virus. “Miraculously, he got over it, to the amazement of all doctors,” he said there. “It was hanging by a thread. He is now healed, but still needs to get better in the hospital. But I am well aware that one day less good news will come about him.”

In the video below you can see how the Verhulstjes got through the quarantine.


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