Gert Verhulst himself sings title track ‘De Verhulstjes’: Listen here

Tomorrow, on Thursday January 7, the reek will go The Verhulstjes started. The Verhulst family will be followed by the VIER camera crew. And such a program naturally also needs a title track. And we are already being told that.

Like half of Samson and Gert Gert Verhulst has already recorded hundreds of songs. But even with his red shirts hanging on the coat rack, he continues to sing. That’s how he sings now That’s how we are, the title number for the series The Verhulstjes in which his own family is followed.

The Verhulstjes

From tomorrow we can follow what the Verhulst family is doing during the lockdown. These are busy days for the family. Marie, for example, takes over from her father Gert as owner of Samson and Gert is still CEO of Studio 100, where the parks of Plopsaland had to adapt to the corona measures.

Besides Gert and Marie, we will also follow Viktor and Ellen, Gert’s wife. Grandpa Jos, who recently passed away, will also be seen in the series, just like Marcel and Leo, whom we do not know yet.

That’s how we are

We will be in The Verhulstjes getting to know the family a lot better, in their good days, but also their bad days. To make it even more personal, the pater familias Gert himself sings the title track of the series.

The number That’s how we are was written by Gert herself in collaboration with Jelle Cleymans. The arrangement was provided by Wietse Meys. Even strings were used for the song and fans will certainly like it a bit Samson and Gertfeel nostalgia when they hear the song.

Listen to the full song here That’s how we are:

The Verhulstjes can be seen every Thursday from 7 January at 8:35 PM on FOUR.


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