Gert Verhulst loses dad Jos: “Sleep tight, father …”

Jos Verhulst, Gert Verhulst’s father and grandfather of Viktor and Marie, passed away at the age of 90. Gert, Viktor and Marie let this know on Instagram.

“Sleep tight, father…”, Gert Verhulst wrote on Instagram with a photo of his father. 90-year-old Jos has been struggling with his health for some time and recently also became infected with the corona virus. According to Het Nieuwsblad, he seemed to have recovered from it, but he was still in the hospital to recover. He is now deceased there.

Marie and Viktor

Gert’s children also say goodbye to their grandfather on Instagram with photos of videos of themselves with grandfather Jos. “My favorite. sleep tight ”, Marie Verhulst writes.

“Dear Jos, we have only made great memories together. I can’t be grateful enough for that. My last words were, “I love to see you.” And I will continue to do that forever ”, writes Viktor Verhulst.

The Verhulstjes

Although Jos Verhulst has passed away, viewing Flanders will soon be able to see him on television. Gert’s father also appears in the new reality series The Verhulstjes which will soon be on FOUR. In the first trailer of that program we already saw how the Verhulst family learned that Jos had been admitted to hospital.

Thus, the Verhulst family says goodbye to Jos


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