Gesshizu: Mori no Chiisana Nakama-tachi announced for Nintendo Switch

Nippon Columbia has released Gesshizu: Mori no Chiisana Nakama-tachi (Little Forest Friends) announced for Nintendo Switch. It is the second series in the series for the Nintendo console. Gesshizu appeared in November 2018: Gajigaji Nakama wo Sodateyou.

Gesshizu are curious creatures that hatch from eggs and have a leisurely and calming character. Her chubby figure and her two teeth make up her charm. When they are born and receive enough love, they become adult rodents (Gesshi).

All happy

In the new game you communicate and interact with the beings that live in a forest. Together you collect “Happy Feelings” to continue growing the “Happiness Tree” that the Gesshizu have planted. A real feel-good game. Play with the beings, feed them, communicate.

The more intensively you take care of them, the sweeter the scenes you can watch. 15 mini-games provide variety, from fishing to collecting fruits. Some of the games can even be played locally by four.

Gesshizu: Mori no Chiisana Nakama-tachi will be released on July 22, 2020 for Nintendo Switch in Japan. You can pre-order it from Amazon Japan * or Play-Asia *. Localization has not been announced.

via Gematsu, images: Gesshizu: Mori no Chiisana Nakama-tachi, Nippon Columbia


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