Get iPhone 13 with Young tariff from Vodafone & save over 500 euros

At Vodafone you get a discount on the “Gigamobil Young M” and an additional Best Choice voucher worth 80 euros. You save over 500 euros.

Young people under the age of 28 can currently save a lot at Vodafone with the “Gigamobil Young” tariffs. You can currently choose between Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini in connection with the “Gigamobil Young M” tariff or the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone Pro Max with the “Gigamobil Young L” tariff at top conditions. You will also receive one until August 31, 2022

Best Choice voucher worth 80 euros


Straight to the Vodafone Gigamobil Young tariff voucher campaign

in the

“Gigamobil Young M” tariff

from Vodafone you get

30 GB of high-speed data allowance

in Vodafone’s high-speed 4G & 5G network with data transfer rates of

up to 500 Mbit/s in download and up to 100 Mbit/s in upload.

With Vodafone’s Gigadepot, unused data volume is carried over to the next month. And of course all plans offer one

Telephony and SMS flat rate

in all German networks as well

EU roaming.

All information about Vodafone’s Gigamobil Young tariffs

–> (But please do not order via this page! First, please request the voucher via the Bestchoice link above! You will then be forwarded to the iPhone/tariff order via e-mail)

Save more than 500 euros now with the Young tariff from Vodafone

Depending on the selected iPhone, the one-off costs for the smartphone and the tariff fees change – the prices vary.

All tariff options are reduced until August 31st

. You also save on connection fees and shipping costs. The monthly savings will be higher depending on which iPhone you choose. You currently only pay 20 euros per month in the Gigadeal for the new iPhone instead of 30 euros in addition to the tariff price. This saves you up to 240 euros on iPhones alone. With the Pro series, the savings are even higher. Current prices depending on tariff:

  • Gigamobil Young M” + iPhone 13 Mini


    One-off costs: 1 euro,

    33.99 instead of 39.99 euros per month.

  • Gigamobil Young M” + iPhone 13:

    One-off costs: 1 euro,

    43.99 instead of 49.99 euros per month.

  • Gigamobil Young L” + iPhone 13 Pro


    One-off costs: 1 euro,

    55.39 instead of 62.99 euros per month.

  • Gigamobil Young L” + iPhone 13 Pro Max


    One-off costs: 99.90 euros,

    55.39 instead of 62.99 euros per month.

Secure a voucher, take out a tariff and save over 500 euros

Secure a voucher, take out a tariff and save over 500 euros

© Vodafone

Secure a Bestchoice voucher now until August 31, 2022, take out a “Gigamobil Young M” or “Gigamobil Young L” tariff from Vodafone and save over 500 euros depending on the tariff!

Secure a Bestchoice voucher now and take out a tariff

Concrete savings for: “Gigamobil Young M” tariff plus iPhone 13

In our calculation example with the “Gigamobil Young M” tariff including iPhone 13, you save

144 euros in tariff costs

such as

240 euros due to the lower surcharge

over the current 24 months. Added to this is the current one

The connection price of 39.99 euros is no longer applicable

as well as the

Best Choice voucher worth 80 euros.

So you save

over 500 euros!

Information about the voucher from Bestchoice


Best Choice Coupon

can be redeemed at over 200 retail partners, including Amazon, iTunes, Media Markt, Saturn, Douglas, Rossmann, Karstadt, Galeria Kaufhof, H&M, Tchibo, IKEA, Zalando and others.

Excerpt from the terms and conditions:

  • Applies when ordering a Gigamobil Young M and the iPhone 13 series (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max) on

  • Promotion valid until August 31, 2022

  • If the order does not come off (e.g. due to cancellation of the order by the provider or revocation on your part), there is no entitlement to the voucher

  • Cannot be combined with other voucher or cashback promotions

  • You will also receive a link to the promotion by email, which you can use to continue your order at any time

Also save on Gigamobil tariffs for people aged 28 and over

Are you older than 27? With Vodafone you also get the normal tariffs at special prices. Here, too, you have the opportunity to receive a Bestchoice voucher worth 80 euros – the savings can be even higher with the regular tariffs. You can find all information about this here:

Complete the Gigamobil tariff and secure a voucher – save up to 600 euros now

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