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Get Out director Jordan Peele is making a horror film about the sinkhole

Director Jordan Peele has set his teeth in a new horror production. The man behind Get Out and Us is going to make a film about a mysterious sinkhole. The central question: what happens when a person jumps into the sinkhole?

The American entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film is based on the horror short story The Sinkhole. The story focuses on a young family who moves to their dream home. There they find out that there is a gaping sinkhole in the backyard.

However, it turns out that this is not just a zinc hole, but one that returns all items that were previously broken, in their original condition. The key question; what happens if a person ends up in the sinkhole?

For the project, Peele enlisted the help of the Emmy Award nominee Issa Rae to partially direct the film. The film will focus on the illusion of feminine perfection and the identity of the woman. That is why Issa Rae is a good employee, according to Peele. It is not yet known which screenwriter is on board the project.

Own production house

Monkeypaw, Peele’s production house, will take care of the film. Monkeypaw previously brought BlacKkKlansman from Spike Lee and the comedy film Keanu.

BlacKkKlansman became immensely popular in the US and is more topical than ever given the black lives matter movement there. The film is based on the true story of the black undercover agent Ron Stallworth who worked in the highest ranks of the racist Ku Klux Klan in the American state of Colorado in 1978. He was ordered to sabotage the organization from the inside.


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