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Get rid of it: you really don’t need these items anymore (so donate them!)

You can frantically go through all the cupboards and drawers with a garbage bag, and then put everything in the trash, but there are other ways too. For example, by taking a good look at what you actually want to get rid of – and whether you can make someone else happy with it. In addition, you can clean up some things much more logically than you think. We help you on your way.

Culinary herbs and protein powders

Remember the one time when you stocked up on pounds of protein powder to boost your sports progress? If you have that period behind you, you can easily say goodbye to that stuff that you do not use anyway. Make a sporty friend happy with it. The same goes for herbs: did you need them once for a dish – and are you probably not going to cook with them again? Give them away!

Crockery and kitchen utensils

To stay in the kitchen corner for a while: how about old, mismatched crockery and unnecessary kitchen utensils? That one ugly mug you got from Aunt Toos eight years ago can really go away. Maybe someone else likes it. The same goes for rickety whisks, damaged pans and containers with lost lids (there are probably more than you think).

Tip: buy five containers that all have the same size. This way you avoid having to search for a suitable lid every time.

Paper things

A house full of cards, bills, business cards and other paper items lying around? Collect them by sticking them in a scrapbook or storing them in an organizer. This way you always have everything at hand and your house magically suddenly seems a lot tidier. Or say goodbye to it.

You can donate magazines and newspapers. Undoubtedly, there are people who have not read them yet. Or take them with you when you go to the doctor or dentist. Then you can leave them there in the waiting room.

Old bedding

Old pillows that you only use when someone comes to stay, bedding that no longer fits around your bed, you name it. All things that take up space while you can make someone else happy.


Check your wardrobe and check if there are things hanging or lying in it that you have not worn in a year. Take that item of clothing straight out of your wardrobe and put it in a bag so you can make someone else happy with it. Don’t think, “Maybe I’ll still wear it,” because you’re not going to do that. Be strict with yourself!

As for lingerie and lonely socks (you really won’t find that second sock), you can have it recycled.


Books that you received as unwanted gifts, or books that you acquired because you bought something else: get rid of them. Old textbooks? Get rid of it! With a little luck, you can still get some money for it – and if not, someone else probably prefers you to read them.

Outdated technology

Okay, let’s be honest, this one might be a bit more difficult. But still: floppy disks, CDs, USB sticks and old Nokia’s are really not going to be used anymore. Let alone the chargers of those old phones, so they can go anyway. Perhaps it motivates to know that most old gadgets can be recycled, to make new things from them. What are you waiting for?

Where can I donate?

You have emotionally said goodbye to your old things and are ready to give them away. Where can you best do this? There are many ways to donate second-hand items in the Netherlands. We list a number of them.


You can see the clothing bin in many places, where you can drop off your clothes. Make sure you pack your clothes well. Household waste is sometimes thrown into the bins, which means that clothing that is not properly sealed is no longer usable.

Clothing sofa

Like the food bank, there is also a clothing bank in some cities. Check if there is also a clothing bank in your city and bring your clothes here. You help people who need it badly.

Thrift store

Every major city has a thrift store. Here you can bring items that you no longer want and then they will be sold in the store for a nice price.


Facebook started as a place where people could meet and follow each other, but has now also grown into a place for trading. You can sell stuff via the ‘market place’. There are also numerous groups where second-hand items are offered and purchased for next to nothing or even for free.


Pretty much the same story as above. It is possible to create an advertisement and have a product picked up for free!

Salvation Army

Did you know that every year in the Netherlands we throw an average of fourteen kilos of clothing in the rubbish bin? The Salvation Army is putting a stop to this by collecting the clothing and handing it out in case of disasters and emergencies. If you want to make sure that your old clothing ends up properly, donate it to this organization.

Your own environment

Perhaps less obvious, but ask friends or family if they still need extra clothing. You will be surprised to see how desirable this can be for some in your area.


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