Get snow in the Ardennes, but “please stay away!” | Abroad

Because the parking spaces were also filling up, many decided to park their vehicles on the verge, which certainly did not promote the flow of traffic. The police in the area therefore spoke of a “disastrous situation”. Over a length of about 14 kilometers, cars were scattered on the verge.

With a layer of snow up to 25 centimeters, the hilly country seems beautiful for a fresh walk, but the local authorities are still calling not to drive that way. They are afraid of new traffic jams and chaotic scenes: “Please stay away!” In addition, the many hikers have made the trails wet and muddy.

Snow may still be added after today. An active disturbance initially results in wet snow, but on the southern flanks a layer of 20 centimeters of snow can easily form again. It will also blow a lot.


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