Get to know the characters from Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

You can still use the reversible cover for a few more days Ys IX: Monstrosity Nox determine. Of course, you can also see the characters that NIS America is introducing to us today with a new trailer. In addition to the mysterious Aprilis, the playable monsters with their special abilities also show themselves, which help with the exploration.

The Crimson King, also known as Adol, can move from one point to another in a flash. The White Cat, on the other hand, can run up vertical walls. The Doll has the power of the third eye, which reveals secret places. A bit more tangible is The Raging Bull’s ability, which removes obstacles with a big hammer. The Hawk can appropriately fly and The Renegade moves through secret passages.

The prison city of Balduq

One of the capital cities in Gllia Eldlingen, a province of the Romun Empire, which lies in the northeast of the Esterior peninsula. The city is known as the prison city because there is a huge prison in this place. Thick castle walls and a moat surround the cells and the remains of the former fortress are still visible in the city today.

Balduq is also an important hub for transport in this area. There are also many hotels, bars and shops for travelers and commerce. In recent years facilities have been built for the public. This includes a theater and a bathing establishment.

Of course, it doesn’t work without Adol

Series hero Adol and his companion Dogi arrive in this very Balduq. However, Adol is arrested immediately. In prison he is turned into a monster by the mysterious Aprilis, which brings supernatural powers in the fight against monsters. Now it is important to work with the other monsters to avert the dangers of the shadow dimension “Grimwald Nox” and to clear up the secret of the monster curse.

In the game you can choose between a total of six monsters, each of which has its own skills. You can either run up walls, fly or track down hidden objects. The sprawling city wants to be explored and protected, the residents have additional quests in store.

The Pact Edition with your hard-earned reversible cover

In Europe there is a limited edition with numerous extras for pre-order in the NISA EU Online Store for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. If the standard version is enough for you, you can also pre-order it from Amazon * and it even comes with some bonuses. In addition to the game, the “Pact Edition” also offers the reversible cover you have won, a mini art book and a digital soundtrack.

The action RPG is due to appear in Germany on February 5, 2021 for PlayStation 4. The versions for Nintendo Switch and PC-Steam will not follow until summer 2021. In Japan, the game was released for PS4 in September 2019.

The characters from Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Images: Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, NIS America / Falcom


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