‘GGD software not suitable for use during pandemic’

De Volkskrant reports this based on the manual of the developer of the program. HPZone is a crucial link in the communication between the GGDs and RIVM. It is the digital basis for source and contact research and forms the connection between CoronIT, the GGD corona test system and Osiris, the RIVM system for monitoring the spread of the virus.


Last week, two malfunctions took place at crucial moments, as a result of which RIVM did not receive all positive tests. During the first failure, something went wrong in the link between CoronIT and HPZone. In the second case, HPZone crashed when 4000 source and contact researchers logged in at the same time. As a result, too few new infections were reported twice.

‘Not suitable for rural use’

According to the developer, HPZone would never be intended as a central system, but only provide support at the level of a local health service. In the manual, the developer gives another example that the program is therefore not intended for ‘an infectious disease that exceeds the level of a single health service, such as a national SARS outbreak’.

The GGD acknowledges that the software is vulnerable, but that it was chosen because it would work fine under normal circumstances. Switching to a new system during the pandemic would cause too much chaos, but the GGD does not rule out switching to other software in the future.


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