GHG premium: Can you only benefit from the GHG quota with green electricity?

This is how the e-car earns its own money: anyone who takes part in GHG quota trading as the owner of an e-car can earn up to an additional 400 euros a year. According to a statement from the financial administration of Rhineland-Palatinate, it is now even tax-free! The only thing EV owners have to do is register with one of the intermediaries who pool GHG quotas and sell them to big companies.

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

Simply earn money with the e-car

With emobia you can earn up to 400 euros per year with your own electric car – simply register here and collect the bonus!

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What else to consider? AUTO BILD answers questions about the GHG quota!

Do I have to switch to green electricity now?

Are there any strings attached to GHG quota trading? It’s hard for some to believe that the payout is supposed to be “just like that”, without anything in return.

But unlike the wallbox subsidy, which was only granted if the applicant purchases green electricity, there are actually no such requirements in GHG quota trading. So even e-car drivers who do not have an eco-electricity contract can collect the GHG premium.

Does the premium increase if I drive more?

Unlike the amount of premium for liability insurance, for example, the mileage has no influence on the amount of the GHG premium: Up to 400 euros a year are available for long-distance drivers as well as anyone who only drives their electric car to go shopping .

What if I own other cars?

Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether you also keep other vehicles, e.g. B. hybrid cars or combustion engines. Only the respective electric car is considered. It is registered with one of the placement agencies by uploading a scan of the vehicle registration document.

If you bought your e-car used, the GHG quota may have already been claimed by the previous owner; then the GHG premium for this year has been exhausted. But in the coming year, as the holder, you can claim it for yourself.

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