GHG quota: ADAC becomes provider of GHG premium

Portals such as Emobia, Mobility House, Juicify or Geld für EAuto have been showing the way since the beginning of the year: As an e-car owner, you can register for the GHG premium with the data from your own vehicle registration certificate. Now the ADAC, one of the world’s largest interest groups for motorists, is following suit.

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

Simply earn money with the e-car

With emobia you can earn up to 400 euros per year with your own electric car – simply register here and collect the bonus!

In co-operation with

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Private individuals or companies can now also earn money with their own electric car through Europe’s largest automobile club. Simply upload the vehicle data – and after the positive decision of the Federal Environment Agency there is a bonus of 350 euros.

Members receive an additional benefit of 20 euros or a 20-euro voucher for the ADAC e-Charge charging program. However, according to § 22 III EstG, the current tax allowance is only 255 euros. Any amounts in excess of this are taxable.

Part of the GHG premium can also be donated

GHG providers like Emobia have taken advantage of this. They offer a reduced GHG premium of a maximum of 255 euros. If you don’t want to let the remaining GHG amount of up to 95 euros go unused, you can also donate it to a good cause as a corporate customer.

Compensation for CO produced2-Emission

Since January 1, 2022, end customers have been able to actively participate in emissions trading to reduce greenhouse gases. Because mineral oil companies are obliged to reduce the CO caused by the fuels they produce2– reduce emissions. Among other things, emission certificates from other energy suppliers who reduce their CO2– Don’t exhaust the budget.

Be patient with GHG premium payout

As with the other portals and service companies, you also have to upload the data for your own vehicle online with the ADAC and wait for the decision from the Federal Environment Agency. Due to the high demand, however, a little patience is sometimes required for the payout.

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