GHG quota for photovoltaics: earn money with the sun

With your own charging point – for example linked to a photovoltaic system – as with other emission-reducing devices, you can earn money by collecting the GHG bonus such as e-cars or e-scooters. This works with different providers and revenue models. However, only if the charging point is freely accessible. This is comparatively unusual on private property, but it looks different on a commercial site.

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

Simply earn money with the e-car

With emobia you can earn up to 400 euros per year with your own electric car – simply register here and collect the bonus!

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For example, there are a number of (electrical) companies that secure their premises with a gate against unauthorized access outside of opening hours, but keep charging stations freely accessible so that anyone can charge their electric vehicle there.

Charging point must be listed

However, there is only additional financial compensation via the GHG quota if the charging point is listed in the directory of public charging infrastructure. In this case there is up to 0.19 euros per kWh. If the charging station is also connected to a photovoltaic system, the reimbursements from the GHG quota are correspondingly higher and can even become an additional business model, since renewable green electricity is generated here. And if you generate proceeds with the GHG quota, you can also donate it.

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