GHG quota: is there a holding period? how long is she

Anyone who buys an e-car and wants to benefit from the state purchase subsidy must have registered the vehicle in their name for at least six months. Otherwise the purchase premium must be paid back. Does a holding period for the electric vehicle also apply to the GHG quota?

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

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The GHG quota is just as independent of state subsidies for e-cars as it is of the car manufacturer. The premium for the greenhouse gas quota is paid by service providers to the current owner upon registration in the relevant portal and submission of the vehicle registration document. Therefore, only those who officially register the vehicle will receive the bonus.
If he sells the electric car again, the new owner can register it and in turn collect up to 400 euros per year and car. However, this does not apply to the current year of initial registration. The car is blocked for this calendar year via the chassis number and cannot be submitted twice.

Overview: These are the top providers when it comes to the GHG quota


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GHG Exchange


Current market price 425 euros

Emobia guarantees 350 euros, the maximum payment occurs with optimal quota sales. If you recommend someone, there is a 30-euro friend bonus

Maximum premium depends on odds price; guaranteed minimum payout 350 euros; 15 euros advertising bonus, bonus applies to e-cars and e-bikes with vehicle registration

Up to 435 euros, guaranteed 370 euros for each e-car or e-scooter

Guaranteed premium 365 euros, consisting of 350 euros bonus plus 15 euros extra payment. Maximum premium depends on odds rate

Fixed amount of 300 euros within 24 hours + voucher that can increase the premium – or 275 euros + 25 donation to Sea Shepherd Germany; Flex amount up to 425 euros after 12 weeks, 40 trees are planted per registered car

Guaranteed price 275 euros or risk price 415 euros, payment based on the quota market

emobia donates 1 percent of the income to the Deutsche Umwelthilfe eV

5 to 15 percent depending on the market situation

maximum 25 percent; with the flex option 15 percent

15 percent only at risk price

Only in the following year can the new owner register the electric vehicle as part of the GHG premium. The same applies to users of electric scooters or pedelecs.

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