GHG Quota: What Makes a Reputable GHG Premium Broker?

GHG Quota Premium

GHG quota trading with Emobia

Simply earn money with the e-car

With emobia you can earn up to 400 euros per year with your own electric car – simply register here and collect the bonus!

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However, this is not possible individually, but only through appropriate intermediaries. They receive a commission for their service by collecting as many GHG certificates as possible and thereby increasing their own profit.

There is an almost unmanageable number of GHG brokers

The number of companies you can get your GHG credit from is huge. If you look for such companies or their portals on the Internet, you will get an almost unmanageable number of suggestions.
The easiest way to find out about the providers are the media and, if necessary, electronic forums. Here you can find information about which companies pay out how quickly the commissions or whether there are delays. Who has had good experiences with whom, and who has had bad experiences where?

The e-mobilist can benefit from two revenue models

The major providers include portals such as Emobia, Mobility House, geld-fü and Juicify. There are generally two revenue models for drivers – best price or fixed price.

The best price sale relies on real-time trading on the GHG quota market and sells at the best possible rate. The price per tonne of CO2 can be between 150 and 580 euros. Less the intermediary’s commission, the driver of the electric car receives a payout of 240 to 350 euros per car and year.
In addition to this commission, the reputable providers in particular often offer not only a distribution of 255 euros (tax exempt amount), but also an additional 25 euros additional commission for the placement of another customer.

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