Ghost of Tsushima in the test: the best comes at the end

Challenging and challenging

The combat system of Ghost of Tsushima is quickly learned, but difficult to perfect especially on the higher levels of difficulty. There are 4 fighting stances, each of which is most effective against a different type of enemy. If you want to get out of the fighting as unscathed as possible, you should use it accordingly.

There are also various attacks by the enemies, only a few of which can be countered. Perfect counterattack and perfect evasion can be used for particularly strong counterattacks. Some enemies have shields and block, which must be broken with strong attacks.

Spirit tools can also be used in combat, as can bows and various types of arrows. Talismans and armor can also support the preferred style of play. It all sounds a little overwhelming at the beginning, but in the course of the game you find your preferred moves – or alternate between sneaking, mass brawls and ranged combat depending on your mood.

My personal highlight is challenging the opponents. If they haven’t noticed you yet, you can challenge them by pressing the up arrow on the directional pad. You face the enemy and have to release the triangle button when they attack. If you fall for your feint and let go too early, you get a counterattack that costs almost all of your life energy. These challenges are always associated with risk – and always staged spectacularly. Even after 20 hours of play, I didn’t get tired of this mechanic.


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