Gift from Tesla: 14 days more autopilot functions for owners in Europe

Suddenly something changed in the Tesla app, and if you looked closely, also in the menu in the vehicles themselves: On Wednesday afternoon, the first owners of Tesla electric cars from Europe began to report on Twitter and by email to that they were apparently got a free trial period for the “improved autopilot functionality”. This is a software option that Tesla recently introduced as an intermediate step to the full package for future autonomous driving and normally costs 3800 euros.

Not all Tesla owners benefit

It can now be tested free of charge until the end of March. That emerges from emails that Tesla sent on Wednesday – but apparently not to all customers who now have the opportunity to try out the extended autopilot system. Likewise, the test does not seem to be intended for all Tesla customers or to have not yet reached some: Several owners reported that they had not received any information and could not see the new menu items in the Tesla app or on the screen .

One of the non-beneficiaries is, for example, an author from who only drives a Model 3 standard range plus with the free basic autopilot (and will soon be exchanging a new Model 3 Long Range for a new Model 3 Long Range due to a super offer from Tesla). However, other owners of the same model reported having received the test software. This has also been reported for many other Tesla models and variants from various European countries. So the action seems to be broad-based.

Tesla only reintroduced the “improved autopilot functionality” option in early February and only in Europe. In Germany it costs 3800 euros, around half as much as the complete FSD option, which should enable autonomous driving (full self-driving) in the future. Tesla is already having new beta software tested for this in the USA, but not yet in Europe. In addition, autopilot functions are subject to regulatory restrictions here. This could have resulted in the FSD option being rarely purchased, so Tesla came up with the stripped-down version at half price.

Test with many autopilot functions

The improved autopilot functionality, which can now be tested free of charge, includes almost all FSD functions that can already be used in Europe. This includes automatic changing of motorways and lanes according to navigation, automatic parking and “calling” your own electric car from outside with the app. For the full package for a further 3700 euros, you currently only get the recognition of traffic lights and stop signs. With “Coming soon”, Tesla has announced the date for the “City Steering Assistant” function in Europe, which has been in beta testing in the USA since October 2020.


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