Giga presses in Grünheide and Texas: giant machines for new Tesla factories are coming

Tesla can only win in this race: While the main electric car plant in Fremont, California no longer offers much space for expansion, the company is working on increasing its capacity at three other locations at the same time. The first to arrive was the new Gigafactory in Shanghai, which is now also building the Model Y – here Tesla seems to be in the process of expanding the property to the east with as yet unknown intentions. Preparations for the German Tesla factory in Grünheide near Berlin also began at the beginning of 2020, and the first work on another Gigafactory near Austin in the US state of Texas followed in the summer. Since then, construction in the USA has caught up – and the first Giga presses are now arriving there and in Grünheide, with which Tesla wants to open a new chapter in car production.

8 giga presses for Tesla in Grünheide

In Grünheide, according to the published plans, Tesla wants to use eight of the die-casting machines that their manufacturer Idra itself calls Giga presses, two of which are already in use in Fremont and probably three in the plant in China. The rear of the vehicle frame, cast in one piece, was recently discovered for the first time in a Model Y from Fremont. According to information from, Tesla also wants to completely pour the front frame element in its Giga Berlin in Grünheide.

Curious people already reported the delivery of the first parts of the giant machines at the end of 2020 – a metal frame on a truck on the German construction site looked suspiciously like elements that could be seen in a video of the assembly of a giant press at Idra. And this week the local observer @ gigafactory_4 noticed on Twitter that these and other gigafactory parts have already been transported to the area of ​​the factory building, which is almost finished on the outside, in which they will later work. For the installation, however, Tesla should first need a further advance approval.

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On the other hand, for the Giga Austin project, which started a good six months later, there has so far been nothing to be heard of delays due to complex approval procedures. Since November 2020, work there has also been running around the clock, seven days a week, as documented by Joe Tegtmeyer, who is keeping an eye on what is happening in the USA with drone overflights and shows it on YouTube.

Starts Giga Austin before Giga Berlin

As a result, Austin seems to be catching up with Giga Berlin. So far there are significantly fewer parts of the building than in Grünheide, but the foundations for the even larger factory have been prepared and overall activity seems to be more intense. It is fitting that Tegtmeyer also observed the arrival of the first parts for the Giga-Presses in Texas on Thursday. In order to understand this in his latest video, you don’t even have to be very knowledgeable: You can see two meter-long and high wooden boxes with blue plastic covers, one of which is being lifted from a low-loader by crane – and it is clearly visible ” IDRA “on it.


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According to information in the German applications, the Gigafactory in Grünheide should produce 500,000 Tesla Model Y per year in its first phase. How many electric cars and which ones will be produced first in Texas is open. According to reports, Model Ys are also initially planned here. CEO Elon Musk said that the new US gigafactory will also build Cybertruck, Semi and Model 3. And if Tesla keeps up the pace there, the first Model Ys could roll off the assembly line there at about the same time as at Giga Berlin – or even earlier.


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