Giga race becomes a race: According to YouTuber, work at the Tesla factory in Texas is now 24/7

Neither of the two will likely catch up with the Gigafactory in China when it comes to which new Tesla factory will be the first to start producing Model Y. But if the construction of the German Gigafactory near Berlin was already going on at record speed, according to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla wants to multiply this again in its latest project in Texas: At the Gigafactory Texas, which is also to produce the Model Y first after observation of a YouTuber now built 24/7

Tesla construction site bright and active at night

You don’t even have to watch the entire 15-minute video of the construction work in Texas that the local observer has now posted on YouTube to hear this news. In fact, it is only mentioned in the text for the post: “Tesla has effectively doubled its productivity by approving work in three shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – effective NOW!”

Sources for this information cannot be found in the text or video, but 12 hours later Roberts provided at least initial evidence: early in the morning at 3 a.m. he visited the Tesla construction site near Austin. Tesla had confirmed that they were now working around the clock, he wrote – and initially showed ground photos of a brightly lit field full of construction machinery. It is easier to see in the light that the ground, including the partial foundations, has already been prepared for the latest Tesla factory and that it is being built in parallel in several places. But a night overflight with a drone confirms that work on the Giga Texas is now also being carried out in the dark.

Tesla has officially announced the start of 2021 as the planned start date for the Model Y from the second Gigafactory hall in China. Both Texas and the German Gigafactory near Berlin, however, are still only generally stated in the quarterly report for 2021. And because the construction work in Grünheide began about half a year before that in Texas, most observers have so far assumed that Model Y would be Germany would come earlier than those from the middle of the USA. But while the local Giga project seemed to have stalled recently, because further advance approvals from the state are still in coming, Tesla in Texas is now shifting a few gears up.

No long trials in Texas

Even before his nightly inspection flight, the US YouTuber Roberts was certain that by doubling its working hours, Tesla would catch up with the German Gigafactory in Texas, overtake it and then let electric cars roll off the production lines in front of it, he wrote about his video with the 24/7 announcement. In any case, nothing has been known about delays due to long application processes and citizen objections like in Grünheide about Tesla’s Express factory in Texas.


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