Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announce the birth of their daughter

Singer Zayn and model Gigi Hadid have become the parents of a daughter. The couple themselves bring that news out via social media. Mother and daughter are doing well and Zayn has already said that his daughter is beautiful (as if someone had ever expected something different from the baby of Zigi).

You may not have noticed, but the whole world has dropped one spot on the most beautiful person in the world ranking this weekend. Because Gigi Hadid gave birth to her daughter with Zayn Malik this weekend. The couple announced the news with photos on Instagram.


Zayn and Gigi both shared a black and white photo of their own hand and that of their daughter. In doing so, they both shared a message about the girl. Gigi said, “Our girl joined us on the Earth side this weekend and she has already changed our lives. I’m so in love”.

With Zayn it sounded like this: “Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful. It is an impossible task to describe how I feel now. The love I feel for this little person is beyond my understanding. I am so grateful to know her, proud to call her mine and grateful for the life we ​​will have together. ” For the time being, the girl’s name is not yet known.

Proud Grandpa Hadid

Gigi’s father Mohamed Hadid had already shared a letter to his then unborn grandchild last week, but because it caused too much confusion, he deleted it several hours later. But now that the baby is actually there, he has posted the letter again, this time with the caption: “Welcome to Earth baby girl. Let’s paint the town and give it a little rock and roll. ”

The letter is still the same, it says, “Hello, little grandchild, it’s me. My heart is as happy as it can be. I wish the sun and the moon for you. I wish you a happy time. Know that grandpa is always close by. I will do anything, anything for you, my love. When I heard you were on your way, I smiled and shed a tear. I cried because I knew my heart would be yours forever. ” He signed the letter as a grandfather and also as “Ged-do“, Which means grandpa in Arabic.


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