Glimpse of recovery at KLM | Formation record Mark Rutte | And interview with Urgenda frontwoman Minnesma

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Hooray for Mark Rutte?!? A new record is usually something to be happy about, but not now. Today is the day 226 (two hundred and twenty-six) after the elections without a new cabinet. Despite the luxurious place to negotiate, the high ladies and gentlemen just can’t figure it out.

As a result, climate policy is at a standstill. Much to the dismay of Urgenda leader Marjan Minnesma. “Climate change is not a subject to play political games over,” she says in the run-up to the climate summit in Glasgow. Literally and figuratively: she walked hundreds of kilometers to draw attention to the summit.

KLM has taken a major step towards recovery. The company returned to profit for the first time since the virus outbreak. But a swallow does not make a summer and the parent company Air France-KLM is still losing money.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority presents its investigation into the use of a blacklist at the tax authorities. In 2020, the privacy watchdog identified ‘risks’ in the secret system that had been used for years to track signals and suspicions about fraudulent citizens. The discovery already produced a ‘worrying picture’ at the time. Go figure.

Just a word about that slow formation: it will definitely not go much faster today. Mark Rutte has a pretty busy day. First at 10 am the Catshuisberaad to decide what measures will be taken to contain corona wave four (or five?). And then Justin Trudeau stands, missionary Prime Minister of Canada, on the doorstep.

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