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Just spray off the dirty rims? Or the dusty camping furniture? Cleaning the muddy mountain bike before it messes up the trunk? This is what this cordless spray cleaner from Gloria is intended for. He works with one integrated 36 volt battery and is therefore independent of the socket. The Multijet 36V can suck in the water from a bucket, lake, rain barrel or the optional water tank while on the move – ideal for everyone who is away from the urban infrastructure.

Gloria cordless spray cleaner

Cordless spray cleaner


Cordless spray cleaner

  • Sufficient performance
  • Battery for on the go
  • Compact design
  • Articles inaccurately processed
  • price

price € 249.48

Commissioning: mobile high-pressure cleaner with rechargeable battery from Gloria

The initial assembly requires a bit of skill, then the device – depending on the nozzle selection – lays along different spray programs Come on. Sure, the portable device cannot compete with a gas station steam cleaner, but the performance is often completely sufficient for daily tasks.

Thumbs up: the mobile water jet impresses in the practice check.

70 bar output is sufficient for car cleaning and daily work

The water jet is with 70 bar pump power at least strong enough to achieve a decent coarse cleaning performance. The Multijet is therefore particularly suitable not only for cleaning the exterior of a car or motorcycle after driving on dirt roads, but also for rubber boots, bicycles, prams, play equipment or anything else that otherwise dirties the interior of the car. One shortcoming, however, are the well-intentioned fastening solutions for the spray lance, spray gun and hose. But the hard plastic version is too weak and does not hold the accessories firmly in position.

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