Gmail: Forward multiple emails as an attachment

Outlook has always been able to do this, now Google has followed suit: combine several e-mails in one message and send them as an attachment.

The advantage is that you only send the recipient an email that collects the rest of the emails sent by different people or one after the other. Each of the original messages appears as an attachment and its content can be displayed in a separate window by double-clicking.

Here’s how it works: First, log in to Gmail with your Google account ( and then mark the messages in the inbox that you would like to summarize and send on together. Then right-click on one of the marked message lines and select the entry “Forward as attachment” in the context menu. Google then opens the “Compose” window in which you type the recipient, subject and message. The original mails are automatically converted to EML files and attached, so all you have to do is click “Send”. Important note: When the new forwarding function was introduced at the beginning of this year, the EML files could only be opened in Gmail itself. Recipients of other mail providers initially only saw supposedly empty attachments. In the future, Google will probably change the attachments so that they can also be read by other addressees.

With Gmail you can now combine several emails and forward them collectively. The original emails appear as attachments.

If you receive such a message with EML attachments that you cannot open, simply forward the mail to your own Gmail or Google email account and open it there.


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