GMX login not possible? These tips will help

The GMX login fails, the service cannot be reached, Thunderbird does not pick up mails – this way you solve annoying login problems with the mail provider.

If the GMX login fails temporarily or apparently permanently, you should first check whether you have entered your email address and password correctly. Pay attention to upper and lower case. Do you have this

Forgot Password

There you have to type in your email address or GMX customer number and then confirm with a captcha. Anyone who has entered their password incorrectly too often will be blocked. But don’t worry: restarting the router will give you a new IP address and thus a new chance to enter your correct password.

Your browser should accept cookies, otherwise it can lead to login problems. Check this in the browser settings. In Firefox you will find this under “Settings, data protection & security” – alternatively tap


in the address line of your Firefox. There, “Improved protection against activity tracking” must be set to “Standard”, or in “User-defined” there must be no checkmark next to “Cookies”.

In Google Chrome you can go to “Settings, Privacy & Security, Website Settings”, where you can allow cookies. You can access the option more quickly by typing this in the address bar:


Sometimes the login does not work because your browser is too old.

Help: The GMX page does not load!

If, on the other hand, the call of If only an empty, extremely slow page or an error message comes to light, GMX may be overloaded and there is a fault on the part of GMX. Then take a look at This has two effects: Firstly, successful access to this website proves that everything is apparently OK with your internet. Second, the statistics there reveal whether other users also have the problem. The more users indicate that they cannot log in, the more likely the GMX server will fail. In this case, just waiting and drinking tea helps.

Alternatively, you can ask GMX how long the server problems will persist. However, calling the hotline 0900 1000 877 at 3.99 euros is not a bargain. Pro and TopMail users can call +49 721 960 58 22 and only pay their usual landline prices.

If other web pages don’t work (correctly), the case may be less easy. In this case, try another browser first. If that helps, a browser setting, an add-on or an outdated version is to blame. Deactivate all add-ons, restore the default settings and update.

If the browser swap doesn’t help, your internet connection may be blocked. Restart your router, then – if the problem persists – check the router settings and contact your Internet provider. Also test the Internet connection from another computer.


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