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Good WiFi everywhere in the house: finally working in the attic?

Now that we are working from home en masse in the coming times, a stable, fast internet connection is increasingly important. You want to be able to make video calls without interruption, while someone else in the house is streaming a movie. Even if your home office is in the attic.

In this video David van Bright shows that you can work well anywhere in the house by improving the WiFi. He installs the Devolo Magic 2 Wifi Next powerlines adapters. You can do this anywhere in and around your house, as long as there is an outlet. Anyone who can plug in a socket can expand the wireless network. No technical knowledge required.

The Devolo Magic 2 WiFi Next Starter Kit (with two adapters) costs 199.90 euros. If you have more rooms, there is also the Multiroom kit with three adapters for 299.90 euros. Individual adapters cost 129.90 euros and you can install up to 8 adapters in one network.

How easy is the installation? Watch the video.


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