Google and Samsung launch Health Connect API

With Health Connect, Samsung and Google are launching a joint platform for fitness and health data.

Samsung and Google have partnered to develop a joint platform for collecting health and fitness data. The platform and API is called Health Connect. The toolset for developers is intended to enable the synchronization of user health data between Android apps and devices. Health Connect should also give users a better overview of the platforms with which they share their health and fitness data.

Users have control over data sharing

If a user consents to the use of Health Connect, their health data will be compiled in an encrypted hub on their smartphone. The platform supports more than 50 data types, including steps, sleep, vital signs, cycle and body measurement. Via the hub, users can then see which app collects which data. Here it is also possible to grant or revoke permissions for apps.

Open beta for interested developers

Health Connect is currently in an open beta phase open to all interested Android developers. In addition to Samsung, Google partners also include Leap Fitness, MyFitnessPal and Withings. Health Connect is to be integrated into Samsung’s Health platform. Google Fit and Fitbit will also integrate the platform. Health Connect will therefore also be available on the Pixel Watch, which is due to be released later this year.

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