Google Chrome gets new screenshot editor

Google is adding new features to its Chrome browser screenshot editor in the Canary channel.

Since February, users of the Canary channel for Chrome have been able to edit screenshots directly from the browser. The screenshot editor was integrated into the experimental version of the popular browser three months ago.

Common bugs in canary version

However, the screenshot editor for Google Chrome is still immature. Users who have tried the feature so far have had to deal with frequent crashes and errors. For example, Chrome surprisingly deleted screenshots or the toolbar with the editing functions occasionally disappeared.

New features for the editor

While the Chrome team is still working on optimizing the editor, a number of new features for the tool were released this week. Like the editor itself, the new features are only available through Chrome’s Canary channel. The functions include customization options for the color, font size and font of inserted text. Screenshots can also be expanded to include shapes such as lines, squares, arrows or circles. These can be customized in shape and size. Also on board are different brush tools.

The latest developer version of Chrome can be downloaded from the Canary channel. After installation, users would need to enable “Desktop Screenshots” and “Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode” flags to try out the editor.

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