Google Chromecast Sabrina could be cheaper than the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

“Sabrina” is the code name of the new Google Chromecast

Google wants to release a new Chromecast with 4K, HDR and Android TV as the operating system. New leaks now certify the device a competitive price.

For example, some US retailers have listed the new dongle in their systems for $ 49.99. That would of course be a very aggressive price for a new TV stick that not only comes with Android TV, but also supports 4K, HDR and probably Dolby Vision. Maybe even Amazon would have to dress warmly with its Fire TV 4K.

We have already reported on the successor to the Google Chromecast Ultra with the code name “Sabrina”. The device should support Dolby Vision and also support ALLM or a game mode. We could also see images of the user interface and the dongle. In the last few weeks, however, it had become quiet again around Sabrina.

Google’s “Sabrina” is now priced at $ 49.99 in several retailer systems. This includes large chains such as Home Depot and Target. If that price were true, then the price would have dropped significantly in direct comparison with a Chromecast Ultra. For Germany, the amount would of course still be open, with a little luck the successor to the Chromecast Ultra with Android TV could change hands in this country for 50 to 60 euros.

Google Chromecast Sabrina should appear in three colors

There are already three color variants in the systems – Rock Candy, Como Blue and Summer Melon. The last mentioned color should correspond to the one we saw on the first leaks. Now Google would only have to break its silence and tell us the final name of the Chromecast Ultra successor. We would of course be grateful for the key technical data. Autumn is slowly approaching and a new streaming device would certainly be welcome with many buyers.


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