Google closes 11 more holes in Chrome

Google has released a new security update for its Chrome browser. The developers have closed 11 vulnerabilities in the browser.

With Chrome 103.0.5060.134 for Windows, Mac and Linux, Google has released an important security update for Chrome. In the Chrome Release Blog, Prudhvikumar Bommana lists the six of the 11 fixed vulnerabilities that were discovered by external researchers and reported to Google. In contrast to the previous update, there is no 0-day gap.

Google classifies five of the six externally reported vulnerabilities as high risk and one as low risk. All but one are use-after-free vulnerabilities in various browser components. So far, Google has awarded the outside researchers $33,500 in awards. As always, Google has not published any details about the internally found security gaps. As a rule, Chrome updates itself automatically when a new version is available.

▶The latest security updates

Other Chromium-based browsers

The manufacturers of other Chromium-based browsers are now being asked to follow suit with appropriate updates. Microsoft Edge 103.0.1264.62, Brave 1.41.96 and Opera 89.0.4447.51 are based on the current Chromium version 103.0.5060.114. Vivaldi 5.3.2679.68 still has Chromium 102.0.5005.149 (Extended Stable Channel). At least the 0-day gap CVE-2022-2294 is closed in it. Vivaldi 5.4 will be based on Chromium 104 and will therefore not be released until August.

Google will release Chrome 104 on August 2nd.

Chromium-based browsers at a glance:



Chromium version

Google Chrome


103.0.5060.134 🟢



103.0.5060.114 🟠

Microsoft Edge


103.0.5060.114 🟠



103.0.5060.114 🟠



102.0.5005.149 🔴

Chromium-based browsers as of 07/19/2022

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