Google Doodle is reminiscent of the last great opera diva today

Today there is a new Google Doodle in honor of Montserrat Caballé on Google. The occasion.

Google users in many countries around the world will be greeted by a visually stunning Google Doodle on the Google search page this Tuesday (April 12, 2022). On display is a painting with a drawing depicting Montserrat Caballé. Google bows to the artist and the Google logo moves into the background, only the “G”, “L” and “E” are visible.

The reason for the Google Doodle is the 89th birthday of the Spanish opera singer, who was born in Barcelona on April 12, 1933 and died there on October 6, 2018 at the age of 85.

Caballé is considered one of the most important opera singers and the last great opera diva. Caballé is also shown in the Google Doodle in a correspondingly impressive manner: singing in a dress that is typical of her style of clothing, red flowers on her shoulders and a fan in her right hand. By clicking on the Google Doodle, users can access further information about the opera singer.

Caballé sang “Barcelona” with Freddie Mercury

Montserrat Caballé became known to a wide audience through her performances with Freddie Mercury in the late 1980s. Caballé was close friends with the Queen frontman. The highlight of the joint artistic work was the legendary song “Barcelona”, which Queen founder Freddie Mercury composed for a joint duet with Caballé. A masterpiece in which two great voices meet and which has lost none of its brilliance even today:

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