Google introduces new Android features

The Internet group Google has announced a number of new functions for its mobile operating system Android.

Google introduced several new features and improvements for Android this week. The “Nearby Share” feature is the first to do so. The function, which is already built into Android, allows you to share photos, videos and files between nearby Android smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. In the next few weeks, it will be possible to share content with your own Android devices via Nearby Share. There is a new overview for this with all devices that are logged in via their own Google account. Users only have to select the desired hardware and start the transmission process. Transfers are automatically accepted on your own devices, even if the screen of the corresponding device is switched off.

Also new are new widget designs for Google Drive and Google Keep. The latter gets a larger widget and font, while the Drive widget now offers three home screen buttons for Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Another innovation is coming to Gboard. In the next few weeks, there will be an “Emojify” button with which the tool will automatically display the emojis that match the text. Google is also improving Google Meet. The tool can be used to share new shared experiences such as YouTube videos or games like “UNO!”.

Sound notifications and audio descriptions

Google has partnered with the deaf and hard of hearing community to develop new sound notifications. They detect noises such as fire alarms, running water and door knocks in the area and inform Android users about them via smartphone or smartwatch. Also new are the audio descriptions for Google TV. The software explains what is happening on the screen to blind or visually impaired users.

Wear OS is getting a new Keep tile in the next few weeks. Notes and checklists can be dictated and managed on the smartwatch. Support is also coming soon for the Bitmoji app.

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