Google is discontinuing free infinite storage in Photos app

The search giant has told The Verge that. The photo service allowed users to keep an infinite number of photos for five years, on the condition that they were saved in a lower resolution.

This will come to an end after 1 June 2021. From that date, users will have 15 gigabytes of storage unless they subscribe. According to Google, the measure only counts for photos uploaded after that date. It means that users do not suddenly run into the data limit.

The company still makes an exception for owners of their own Pixel phones, who can continue to use the unlimited storage option after June 1.

Necessary measure

According to the tech giant, the measure is necessary to keep Google Photos running in the long term. If the company continued to offer infinitely unlimited space for photos, this could eventually lead to space shortages.

It is the second time in a short time that Google is limiting its infinite cloud options. Recently, the business service Gsuite changed into Google Workspace, where it is no longer possible to store unlimited amounts in the cloud.


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