Google is discontinuing Stadia – you need to know that

Google is discontinuing its Stadia cloud gaming platform. How to get your money back – and what else you need to know.

Google is burying its Stadia cloud gaming offering. The search engine giant announces in a blog post that it will discontinue Google Stadia in January 2023. Google admits that its gaming offering has not been received as well as expected by users.

Specifically, Google will discontinue its Stadia offering after January 18, 2023. After this, players will no longer be able to access their game library. Google wants to refund the money to anyone who bought Stadia hardware, games, add-ons or the starter test in the Google Store or in the Stadia Store. The hardware should not have to be returned for the most part, Google wants to publish details here in the next few weeks. Those affected will be informed by email about the further procedure.

These refunds are expected to be largely completed by mid-January 2023. You can already no longer buy games for Stadia. Visit this Google Stadia help page for more information. Google assumes that most games will be playable until January 18th, 2023. Scores will probably not be saved in most games.

Google launched Stadia at the end of 2019: Google Stadia will start on November 19 – all information. With Stadia, gamers do not download the games onto their computers, but play them as a stream via the Internet connection on Google’s cloud servers. So all you need is the subscription, the Stadia Controller, and a supported output device.

Stadia isn’t Google’s only failed project, as you can read here: These are Google’s biggest flops.

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