Google is dropping several Android apps from the Play Store – the reason

In the future, Google wants to ban apps from its Play Store that can be used to record phone calls.

Previously, anyone who wanted to record an important phone call had to install a corresponding app on Android. It is precisely this type of apps that Google wants to declare war on with a new regulation. Many apps are therefore at risk of being kicked out of the Google Play Store. From May 11, Google wants to ban all applications in its app shop that use the Accessibility API to record phone calls. According to Android Police, Google is arguing that the API is designed for accessibility, not for audio recording of calls.

Accessibility is the focus

The directive also stipulates that all applications that use this API must also mark this accordingly. Only apps that have accessibility in mind could continue to be offered in the Play Store. All other applications using the Accessibility API must also obtain explicit user consent. The API is specially designed for people with disabilities and should make it easier for them to use Android devices.

Banishment is imminent

Those who have already downloaded the relevant apps can probably continue to use them. It remains unclear whether the recording apps will be banned from the Play Store directly from May 11th. There could also be a transition period. If you still need applications to record phone calls, you’ll probably have to install them from other sources.

Legal situation

From a legal point of view, the recording of telephone calls is a minefield: the confidentiality of the spoken word is firmly anchored in German law. The actual conversations also have the character of personal data and are therefore subject to data protection. All participants in the call must still be informed about the recording and agree to it.

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