Google is testing new Google search page – this is what it looks like

Google is testing a new Google search page. The famous blank page should soon be a thing of the past. This is what the new Google search could look like.

A resourceful netizen has discovered that Google is testing a new home page for the well-known Google search. Unlike the previous Google search page, this is no longer empty (apart from the search input field), but comes with numerous widgets.

The user deleted his entire browser history in Google Chrome on his desktop computer, i.e. cache, cookies etc. and when he then logged back into Google and opened the search page, he saw a significantly different Google search page. It includes five widgets with updated content for the new, weather, top stories, what to watch, trending Google search topics, and stock quotes. Google displays the content based on the user’s location data. You can also hide this content using a slider. The user published

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Screenshots of the new layout:

The new page has only been shown to a few users by Google so far. When you enter the new page, you will be asked to log in in order to customize the page to your liking, as news site mspoweruser writes. Then another question is displayed: “Hello, what are you interested in?” There are currently ten widgets to choose from, of which you can display five: nearby events, top stories, sports, air quality, cryptocurrency, stock market, Your top stocks, what to watch, weather and search trends.

According to mspoweruser, Google had already carried out a similar test for a few users in February 2022. Back then, however, the widget areas were designed differently: displayed six rectangular cards that expanded into square cards (the way the new cards look now) when you moused over them.

Google search has been improved: The details

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