Google lashes out at Microsoft about paying for news

Microsoft would turn media parties negotiating the terms with “naked corporate opportunity” against tech companies, according to Google.

Google, which is part of Alphabet, writes in a blog post that Microsoft would give news publishers more power in the negotiations.

Microsoft argued in the US Congress for media companies to join forces in negotiations with, for example, Google and Facebook. Microsoft is urging policymakers worldwide to approve measures to force tech platforms to pay to post news.

‘Attacking competitors’

“They go back to their trusted practice of attacking competitors and lobbying for regulations that serve their own interests,” wrote Kent Walker, Google’s chief legal officer. “They are even willing to tear down the way the open web works in an attempt to undermine a competitor.”

Media Act Australia

Google’s statement came ahead of a hearing by the House of Representatives’ antitrust panel on Friday where proposals are being discussed to help publishers. One of those present is Microsoft chairman Brad Smith.

Microsoft recently backed Australia’s new media law, which prompted Facebook to impose a news freeze on its platforms last month. The software company also called for a similar measure in Europe. The Australian parliament passed the new law, requiring digital platforms to pay news media for the content distributed through the platforms.


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