Google Maps gets a new view and better bike routes

Google Maps is now gradually getting three innovations. This includes, for example, the immersive view. That’s behind it.

In line with the holiday season, Google is now adding three major new functions to Google Maps. These are not available to all users at once, but are being delivered gradually, as Google announced in a blog post on Wednesday. The main innovation is the new one

“immersive view”.

New in Google Maps: Immersive view for almost 100 worldwide points of interest


New in Google Maps: Immersive view for almost 100 worldwide points of interest


At almost 100 of the world’s most popular attractions, users can admire photorealistic aerial photos in Google Maps. According to Google, this is the first step “in introducing the immersive view that combines AI with billions of high-resolution Street View, satellite and aerial images”. These aerial photos can be found on Google Maps in the photo section of the attraction. We haven’t been able to discover this yet, but it shouldn’t be long before users see this feature. According to Google, the aerial photos of landmarks are now being rolled out worldwide for Google Maps on Android and iOS.

The immersive views are designed to help travelers explore the sites before visiting. In an earlier blog post, Google explained about “immersive views”:

With a quick search, you can virtually hover over Westminster for an up-close look at the neighborhood and the stunning architecture of places like Big Ben. With helpful information from Google Maps in an overlay, you can use the time slider to see what the area looks like at different times of the day, in different weather conditions, and where busy places are.

More information about cycle routes

If you are cycling in an environmentally friendly way, you have been able to plan your cycle routes with Google Maps for 12 years. Google uses, among other things, official data from cities and selected cartographic partners to create the bicycle-friendly routes. Google will soon be delivering an update that will give users even more detailed information about cycle routes. A new feature is the possibility of comparing cycle routes with each other.

Google Maps provides more information on cycle routes


Google Maps provides more information on cycle routes


There is also information about differences in altitude along the route, the volume of car traffic or indications of particularly steep hills. Users should also be able to see at a glance at which points on their route they will find themselves on busy routes, side streets or cycle paths. All of this should make it easier to plan bike tours.

The new cycle route information will be rolled out in hundreds of cities where cycle route descriptions are available over the coming weeks.

Location sharing notifications now on Google Maps

Traveling with friends and family is always more fun. Here, too, Google Maps has new functions. For example, there are new location sharing notifications, which allow the user to see whether the person they are meeting with has already arrived at the agreed location. This should make it easier to coordinate schedules, among other things.

You can also set that you will receive a location notification as soon as the other person has left the meeting place. These new functions are also useful if you want to meet several people, for example to attend a concert. The entire group then knows where the other people are at all times.

Google points out that data protection and privacy have also been considered with these new functions. The location notifications can only be set for people who have already shared their location with the user. These people will then always receive a reminder that they are currently sharing their location.

Location Sharing Notifications are now rolling out globally for Google Maps on Android and iOS.

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