Google Maps: This new feature now saves you money

Google Maps is now helping to save fuel in Germany. This is how the new function for the navigation app works.

Google is now also introducing the display of fuel-efficient routes in Germany. Google announced this in a blog entry. So if you let Google Maps determine a route in the future, Google Maps will also show you the most fuel-efficient route in addition to the fastest route, if this is not the fastest anyway. At a glance, you can then see the relative fuel savings and difference in ETA between routes and choose the one that works best for you.

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In addition to the length of the route, Google Maps also includes other factors such as the gradient of the road and traffic jams in the calculation and is intended to help optimize potential fuel consumption. In the Google Maps settings, you can specify whether Google Maps should show the fastest or the most fuel-efficient route by default.

Further settings possible

You can also indicate your engine type in Google Maps. With a choice of petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric drive, fuel-efficient routing can be further optimized as percentage savings and recommended route may vary based on vehicle engine. Important from a data protection perspective: Google learns a little more about you in this way.

In the US and Canada, “Fuel Efficient Routes” have been available on Google Maps for some time.

When available?

Google is now introducing “Fuel-Efficient Routes” in Germany. In the coming weeks, this function should be available to all Google Maps users (iOS and Android). “Fuel-Efficient Routes” are not yet available on our smartphone at the time of going to press.

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